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What did we design?

  Here in America, we  recently made a choice between two candidates for POTUS – one had a mastery of policy and the other had a mastery of social media. Looking back, there is now plenty of outrage against the results of the US election – I see it...

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Discovering passion

I started ThinkFiend with one idea – to promote work created with thought and with love. In that vein, here are two such pieces of work I’ve discovered recently. I’ve been trying to retrace my steps and remember how I found them – but I can’t, and it does...

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Don’t outsource your voice

Einstein famously said that Information is not knowledge. So, here’s the thing – we have more information than ever, and anecdotally at least, it seems that the level of knowledge is growing inversely in relation to information thats flooding us. The level of hate, ignorance and completely-devoid-of-logic messages on...

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A balanced reading diet

For many years now, there has been a growing and welcome awareness of the importance of food and the role it plays in our long term health, beyond just satisfying hunger and taste buds. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of several groups of people, we’re now paying...

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