Introducing the Fiend

It’s time to face the elephant in the room – or the Fiend in ThinkFiend. Hands down, its the question I’ve been asked the most since launching ThinkFiend some months ago. “Isn’t a fiend a devil? An evil spirit?” “Why do you have such a negative figure
haunting your company’s name (pun intended)?” Others simply ignore the Fiend and proceed to call it a ThinkFind or a ThinkFriend. WTH is a ThinkFriend anyway? So, for our very first blog post, I thought it would be fitting to bring you face to face with The Fiend.

Now we all know a fiend is officially an evil spirit, but in its secondary avatar, it also means a wonk, a genuine grade A nerd, an obsessive: in short a person possessed by a habit or an idea — like a dope fiend.  Maybe don’t quote that particular example, but you get the drift. A fiend has a habit that is unreasonable, unpopular and not widely understandable. And ThinkFiend is a spot for those obsessed with — you guessed it — things that make them think. We’re talking to you – those holier-than-thou friends who watch documentaries on Saturday evenings and get all excited about that NPR podcast. Who ask too may whys and are into dinosaur bone structure and 19th century literature the way others are into Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe at the VMAs. We love those people — and we want to feed their thinking habit by bringing them stuff that makes them think even more. Think till their head hurts, but in a good way.

SONY DSCSo, isn’t there enough to read already? We’re practically drowning in material that We Should Have Read Already, but can’t because we are too busy watching Netflix. Or playing Candy Crush. And there are plenty of websites/apps that will happily tell you what is popular and hence, needs to be read. Thing is, we’re not that into viral content – because there isn’t much thinking involved in following trends, is there? But honestly, if you’re online for even five seconds a day, you will find trending content – you’d have to work hard not to. What we focus on instead is finding hidden gems for our fiends. The pieces that get lost in the noise, the labors of love and passion being created in the far and wide corners of the Internet and the world – by and for ThinkFiends. If you’re possessed enough to dive beyond BREAKING NEWS!!! #HASHTAGS and cute kitten videos (though honestly, those are super cute), then you’ll find some amazing content and a community of fellow weirdos here. We’d love for you to stay and discover the nuances and details beyond the news.

After all, there is a reason that the Devil (and not god) lies in the details. So stay a bit, read something different and think about it!

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