A reading challenge – digital media & news

stocksnap_ojxhdwmwv9The media is important – it gets its own amendment in the US Constitution. Its the one industry Mr. Trump has been crying foul about. Because it matters – what it says matters, and what it does, matters too. I started ThinkFiend two years ago with an admittedly murky mission  ( to borrow a phrase from the article I reference below) of promoting thoughtful and thought provoking journalism. It was a time when click-bait was rising and the demise of ‘serious’ journalism was thought to be imminent. As a reader, a consumer, a parent, a citizen – that seemed like a crying shame. However,  I have struggled ever since to define ‘thoughtful’ and ‘quality’ – how do you know what’s quality content, thoughtful journalism. I got plenty of blank stares and open disdain at VC meetings when pitching my vision for ThinkFiend. The best answer I could come up with was that it is judged based on the intent behind a piece of journalism – monetizing and informing readers do not have to be mutually exclusive but depending on the main objective, the form of content can vary significantly. I believe this is still true – quality matters, and intent matters. And obviously, not just in media.

And so, I wanted to share specifically, this article that does a much better job of explaining the ‘problem’ and the power of media than I could. It’s long, and will stretch your attention span, but try it and count the number of times you wanted to quit and ‘just surf’ instead. And then, keep reading, because, it matters.



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