What did we design?


Here in America, we  recently made a choice between two candidates for POTUS – one had a mastery of policy and the other had a mastery of social media. Looking back, there is now plenty of outrage against the results of the US election – I see it mostly in my Facebook and Twitter feeds. As we look for someonejuc6r3pple or something to blame, it’s time also to take a look at what each of us did to make this possible. Some time ago, I spoke at Ignite OSCON and the topic was “What we design, designs us.” When we provide our continuous attention to social media networks – with an endless stream of selfies and self righteous posts, we hand power to those that control it, one way or the other. Most, if not all, of our friends on Facebook already share our political and social opinions. So, the answer to outrage is not sharing the same links in our own echo chambers. Lets put away the phones and the safety pins – if a free and independent press means something, if real and thoroughly reported news means something, subscribe to a newspaper you can believe in and read it all the way through. If diversity really means something, then talk to a person that does not share your beliefs. Diversity is not only in skin color and country or origin, but also in thoughts and opinions. The answer now is to create opportunities and spaces that gather people who not only look different, but also think different. It’s the only way forward.  And now, I post this to social media – to reach all of you, my like minded friends.

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